Looking for volonteers in Tech Ambassadors and Tech Translators roles
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mathieu stumpf guntz
2018-05-14 08:26:44 UTC
Hi everyone,

The sum up is in the title, and you will find more information in the
exchanges bellow. :)


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Sujet : Re: Mathieu, I bet you remember fondly this past WMCon as I do.
Date : Fri, 4 May 2018 15:02:52 +0200
De : Erica Litrenta <***@wikimedia.org>
Pour : mathieu stumpf guntz <***@culture-libre.org>


This is really appreciated.
In particular I'd welcome more people from the Wikisources, for example :)


On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 12:00 AM, mathieu stumpf guntz
<***@culture-libre.org <mailto:***@culture-libre.org>>

Hi Erica,

Thank you for this message. I will forward the message in local
communities to see if I can find more people interested and let you
know corresponding feedback.

It was nice stumbling upon you at several sessions and hearing
your perspectives.
I would be glad to assist if you have anything that we discussed
at the conference that you'd like to follow-up about (or to put
you in contact with whomever may be able to help best).
as you may recall from a comment I made in one of those sessions,
my team is trying to *support Tech Ambassadors and Tech
Translators* become more active and self-supporting communities.
We take the Strategy Direction seriously when it's telling us that
several underrepresented communities deserve more attention and
support, so we need to identify *a few key community members* that
we can rely on to keep the community up to date with whatever is
happening in Wikimedia's technical world, and that can help us
identify and surface local issues that need fixing. You are
already part of the solution, as I said! but we surely need more help.
Can you introduce us to someone else who should also be joining
these efforts? Will you make sure that the wikis and the languages
that matter to you are all covered ASAP, now that actual work is
about to start?
Thanks in advance for what you will do, and don't hesitate to ask
further questions.
Best regards from Italy.
Erica Litrenta
Manager, Community Liaisons
Erica Litrenta
Manager, Community Liaisons