Indic Wikisource Update February 2017
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Jayanta Nath
2017-02-19 15:07:54 UTC
Hello all,

We've just published the February 2017 Indic Wikisource statistics. In this
stats I have added one table for Readable Book. This is the 100% validated
Index: <https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/en:Help:Page_status> file with
Transclusion <https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/en:Help:Transclusion> in main
page (NS:0). I have not found any pages in all Indic Wikisource, so I have
digging in Index file list. In this month CIS have organized a Workshop
for Marathi Wikisource, which is quite dead project.[1] I would request to
CIS to organized the same for Assamese, Sanskrit and Kannada Wikisource.

Here is the few stats ans their top three rank...

*As per Number of article*
1. Sanskrit Wikisource ( 16339 pages) - supported by 0.04% scan pages.
(with 170 Index Pages)
2. Telugu Wikisource ( 11778 pages) - supported by 24.56% scan pages. (with
267 Index Pages)
3. Kannada Wikisource ( 9597 pages) - supported by 0.86% scan pages. (with
116 Index Pages)

*As per Number of page Validation*

1. Telugu Wikisource (19539 pages) with 267 Index Pages
2. Tamil Wikisource (5306 pages) with 2168 Index Pages
3. Gujarati Wikisource ( 4562 pages) with 43 Index Pages

*As per Number of page Proofread*

1. Telugu Wikisource (23910 pages)
2. Tamil Wikisource ( 8425 pages)
3. Malayalam and Bengali Wikisource ( 8067 pages)

*As per percentage supported by scan pages.*
1. Bengali Wikisource (30.62%)
2. Telugu Wikisource ( 24.71%)
3. Gujarati Wikisource (18.62%)

I want to specially mention that there are no visible improvement on
proofreading works and page content supported by scan at Marathi,Assamese,
Sanskrit, Odia, and Kannada Wikisource.

Full Indic Wikisource stats here

Jayanta Nath
On behalf of Indic Wikisource Community