[Wikimediaindia-l] Bengali Wijkisource awareness campaign videos
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Abhinav srivastava
2018-10-01 03:46:40 UTC
Hi Bodhisattwa,

The hyperlinks have been clubbed for the same video. Please share them

Not sure which video I was referring.

Hi Bodhisattwa,
I saw these videos last evening, they are actually very nicely done.
I have a very minor concern which I have also posted under the comments
section and reached out to you last evening.
In ‘What just happened’ video, can we drop ’whatsapp’ placed just ahead of
fake news. If possible dubb it to online fake news or simply mute it.
I am not a lawyer and not sure on legal issues. Someone can better reflect
on the matter of taking names of Internet organisation outside our
When Hindi promotional video was made by WMF, The Hindi community members
on the table made a common consensus on not taking names.
Again, it could be a very minor issue and may not hold much relevance.
On Monday, October 1, 2018, Bodhisattwa Mandal <
Hi all,
We are happy to announce that, three Bengali Wikisource Awareness
Campaign videos have been released in Youtube channel
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_fhMDPgSjGGaGGvY4A38Q> of West
Bengal Wikimedians user Group
<https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/West_Bengal_Wikimedians>. This campaign
was first such initiative to promote Wikisource among new readers.
The project was first placed in IdeaLab
as part of Inspire Campaign and was later funded by Wikimedia Foundation rapid
The details can be found here
The youtube links of the short videos can be found here -
* àŠ²à§‡ àŠ¹àŠŸàŠ²à§àŠ¯àŠŒàŠŸ
(What just
* àŠ®àŠŸàŠ¯àŠŒà§‡àŠ° àŠšàŠœàŠ° http://youtu.be/IU3O9AC5Z3g (Watchful
http://youtu.be/IU3O9AC5Z3g * àŠŠà§àŠšàŠ¿àŠ¯àŠŒàŠŸ àŠ¯àŠ–àŠš àŠŠà§‹àŠ°àŠ—à§‹àŠ¡àŠŒàŠŸàŠ¯àŠŒ
http://youtu.be/IU3O9AC5Z3g (World at your doorstep)
The videos were also uploaded to Commons. The links are as follows-
* àŠ²à§‡ àŠ¹àŠŸàŠ²à§àŠ¯àŠŒàŠŸ
(What just happened)
* àŠ®àŠŸàŠ¯àŠŒà§‡àŠ° àŠšàŠœàŠ° <https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:àŠ®àŠŸàŠ¯àŠŒà§‡àŠ°_àŠšàŠœàŠ°.webm>
(Watchful eyes)
* àŠŠà§àŠšàŠ¿àŠ¯àŠŒàŠŸ àŠ¯àŠ–àŠš àŠŠà§‹àŠ°àŠ—à§‹àŠ¡àŠŒàŠŸàŠ¯àŠŒ
(World at your doorstep)
The video production could have not been possible without -
* Director - Ishan Sharma (Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute,
* Cinematographer - Sukhansaar Singh (do)
* Executive Producer - Aryaman Nath (do)
* Sound Director - Sukrit Sen (do)
* Focus Puller - Theodros Tadesse (Ethiopia)
* Assistant Director - Sneha Das (do)
* Editor - Himangshu Kamble (Mumbai)
* Colorist - Pankaj Nelson (Mumbai)
* Plot proposer - Deepanjan Ghosh (Radio Mirchi Kolkata)
* Cast - Sujan Ghosh, Suavo Mukherjee, Ritam Sarkar, Raja Chakravorty,
Shrabanti Bhattacharya and Avinash
- * Bengali Wikisource team - Bodhisattwa Mandal, Hrishikes Sen, Mahir
Morshed, Jayanta Nath
- * WMF liaison - Satdeep Gill (Thanks a lot, buddy!)
It was a completely new experience for us, and we have learnt a lot from
the entire project. We will try to promote the videos for next 1 month and
submit our grant report within the deadline of 30 October, 2018.
Please do watch the videos and feel free to create subtitles in your
languages. The English and Bengali subtitles are already there in Youtube
and Commons.
Bengali Wikisource community
West Bengal Wikimedians User Group