LivePreview for nsPage: try to make it more useful
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Alex Brollo
2016-10-21 10:44:44 UTC
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Who tries livePreview for nsPage, finds that it's no so much comfortable,
since size/position of its output doesn't allow a useful comparison with
front image or with wikicode. VisualEditor could be a good solution, but
presently it have limitations dealing with wikisource nsPage, mostly when
adding fastly complex format, without the help of our beloved tools.

Here: https://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Utente:Alex_brollo/livePreview.js a
temptative js code to customize the output of livePreview for wikisource
needs: output goes into a box superimposed to edit area, draggable if user
likes a comparison with wiki code, instead of a comparison with front

Far from being a professional script, it is just to proof that* it can be
done. *
If there's any better solution for that issue, please tell me!

Alex brollo (from it.source)